DUST sci-fi short film ‘Populace’ creates an unhinged future for the human race

It’s no secret to anyone, especially in these recent days: governments can’t always be trusted. It’s the truth of the matter; there is always a hidden agenda somewhere. Sadly, this is not something completely new to humanity, as this distrust goes as far back to even the days of Roman times with Julius Caesar (Et tu Brute, anyone?). It is one of the formidable truths of life: death, taxes, and corrupt government. Coincidentally, it seems that art has imitated life, as the incredible YouTube channel, DUST, has delivered a sort of forewarning from the future in the form of a short film that will blow you away, titled Populace.

Created from the mind of director Aaron Bevan Bailey, the short takes place in the not-so distant future, where the world is sputtering under ecological ruin and self-imposed eugenics. Due to an exploding population, the government regulates having children by requiring a license. Clone-worker John works in the maternity section of a state-hospital where his job is to remove unlicensed children and punish the mothers accordingly. The short film, Populace, shows the impact of government on John, who starts to feel real, human urges when his wife becomes pregnant with an unlicensed child.

The film is truly more cerebral than it lets on, as the hardcore truth of this film is more horrific than what simply appears. At the heart of this short is a message that simply cries out “How far will they go?”, showcasing a world where life could, one day, be entirely dictated by the government. As John begins to become aware more and more of the truth of his surroundings, and how much control he truly doesn’t have, over his or his partner’s life, the real horror undeniably sets in. What transpires is a cyclical tale that will have you begin to question your own fate in this world, and who really is at the helm of it.

Check out the short film below!

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