Cloud, Bayonetta, Corrin, Link amiibo announced during Nintendo Direct

It’s been some time since we’ve heard any news about the Super Smash Bros. Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta amiibo figures. Well, we finally have a date for their release. Nintendo revealed in the latest Nintendo Direct that all six amiibo will be released on July 21st.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. I did say six as Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta will be released with alternate outfits. Cloud will feature his Final Fantasy VII outfit as well as his Advent Children costume. Corrin will see a release in both male and female form. Bayonetta will be available as she appeared in both Bayonetta 1 & 2 with long and short hair.


No word on if any of the releases will be store exclusives or if any of them will be released as a bundle so stay tuned. Also here is a better look at the packaging for each amiibo.

But there’s more!

Two days later on June 23rd, Nintendo will also be releasing three new Legend of Zelda amiibo featuring Skyward Sword Link, Twilight Princess Link and Majora’s Mask Link. It will be interesting to see if either of these will offer anything new in Breath of the Wild. Heck I would be happy with a few masks.

Finally, July will see a few more releases with three new Splatoon 2 amiibo featuring new designs for inkling Girl, Boy and Squid which will be sold separately and will be released alongside Splatoon 2 when it releases on July 21st.

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