Here’s why you should be watching FOX’s cop show ‘APB’


Let’s be honest. There are a lot of cop shows on television today, and many of them have been successful. Because of that, FOX gave APB, a show about the privatization of police using the latest and greatest technology, the green-light.

APB is about tech billionaire, Gideon Reeves (Justin Kirk), who is frustrated with the lack of the police’s ability to stop his best friend from being killed in an armed robbery. Using his smarts and money, Reeves decides to take one precinct and turn it into his own police force for good. His partner in crime is police detective Theresa Murphy (Natalie Martinez), a cop who helps Reeves, with the use of her street smarts and deduction skills. Together, with the rest of the police force, they tackle everyday problems on the streets of Chicago.

Now, FOX is threatening to cancel the series. Executive producer Trey Callaway pleaded with the online community via Twitter to have fans spread the word and start watching the series final two episodes:

This is not cool, as I am personally a fan of the series. There are so many great aspects of the show, and fans will fall in love with it if given the opportunity. Here are a few reasons why people should tune into this show:

  • The series has a diverse cast, including Natalie Martinez as one of the lead characters. Martinez plays Detective Murphy, but don’t let the surname of fool you, it’s a married name. They kept the character Latina and bring up her heritage through her bilingual mother and son. The show also features Tamberla Perry’s character Officer Goss as an openly gay character of color but isn’t defined by her sexuality. It’s nothing explored or targeted in the series. Goss’ sexuality is only brought up when they were handling a case regarding a missing LGBT student.
  • Let’s not forget Ernie Hudson is on this show. Yes, Ernie “Winston Zeddemore” Hudson. Fans of the Ghostbuster alum can watch him in action again as tackling bad guys as the sergeant of the police force, Ned Conrad.

  • The series actually uses technology that is in beta-testing or that is out to purchase. When I first saw all these gadgets, gizmos, and plenty, I thought ‘is this for real?’ After googling many of the items presented in the episodes, as well as a response from the showrunner, the stuff shown is real.
  • APB had some episodes regarding some real world issues, including hacking, corporate issues, LGBT issues, and the trust issues between police and the community. Sure, the show is not perfect. Being set in Chicago where the Chicago PD has the highest brutality rates, the show treads lightly on that, but, hopefully, if the series is renewed, it will tackle those issues.
  • The show is fun to watch and tweet along with the cast and creatives. Watching the show is great by itself, but live-tweeting along with the cast and creatives makes it even more enjoyable. The writers are heavily involved with answering fan questions and providing some insight in the episode. Fan interaction seems to be important to the series, which they’ve done heavily since the pilot episode.

  • There is no inter-office dating. Thank God. Too many shows have the two main characters on cop shows that gradually fall in love. I’m looking at you: Castle, Chuck, Bones, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I just want to see people who work together to just be that: colleagues. It keeps things focused on the job at hand. On APB, Reeves and Murphy keep it professional as partners and as friends. Seriously, that is so refreshing.
  • The series gives a refreshing take on “what if”. What if someone did invest a large amount of money for tech into a precinct?  The series was inspired by a 2015 New York Times Magazine article about Sidney Torress, a wealthy New Orleans entrepreneur who used his own money to create an experimental private police force, activated via mobile phone.
  • Justin Kirk. Kirk was the biggest draw for viewers when the series was first announced. Kirk is simply a fantastic and likable actor. He brings charisma to the Tony Stark-like character, which sometimes has you watching just to see what Reeves does next.

APB, and fans, alike, needs your voice!

Here is how you could help:

  • Spread the word about the series.
  • For curious viewers, the previous episodes are available on FOX and Hulu to binge before the two final episodes of the season.
  • Fans have been tweeting to Fox to #renewAPB and have vowed to watch the series two episodes. Take part in the conversation with FOX through social media on how much you want to keep APB.

Also, don’t forget to watch APB this Monday on FOX at 9 pm.

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