Which Planet Hulk characters will Thor encounter?

With the release of the current teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, we all know that it has incorporated the Marvel’s comic series Planet Hulk into the storyline. From the trailer itself, it looks like it’s a reversal of Planet Hulk and more like Planet Thor since he gets captured and made to fight in the gladiatorial pits for the Grandmaster (played by Jeff Goldblum).

Thor looks to be fighting for his very life in the arena which means that we should be seeing more than a few of the Planet Hulk characters fighting it out with Thor. It’s been said that Miek would be making an appearance in the movie. However, to what extent? We’re probably not going to find out until the movie comes out. That said, there’s many other powerful characters from the Planet Hulk series that need to or should make a guest appearance. Here’s are the three characters from Planet Hulk that I think should show up.


A Kronan facing off with Thor in Thor: The Dark World

Korg was one of Hulk’s allies in the comic book series. He’s of the Kronan race of rock-like beings with super strength and durability. Think of him as comparable in looks to Marvel’s ever loving blue eyed Thing. Although, he’s more durable and tougher than Benjamin Grimm. Korg survived the horrors of the planet Sakaar and he became Hulk’s good friend as well. I believe that one of the members of his race showed up in Thor: The Dark World, however, I don’t believe that was Korg himself.


Hiriom was another one of Hulk’s members of his “Warbound” in Planet Hulk. He was once a Shadow Priest of the planet Sakaar and had mystic abilities to help Hulk and his allies destroy their slavers. Hiroim would especially be a great character to introduce since at base, he looks like a normal human with a darker complexion. However, in addition to his mystical abilities, he has the power to summon the power of the planet called “Oldstrong Power”. It gave him the ability to change his body into “mystic rock” that gave him invulnerability and super strength.

Hiroim utilizing the power of the Oldstrong.


Arch-E-5912 would be a tricky character to insert into the movie since he’s a living machine. We’ve already dealt with Ultron and all the machines that Iron Man has at his disposal, so it would be redundant to add another machine to the roster, right? Well, not really. Arch-E-5912 basically was his own sentient being and helped out the Hulk and his allies to every end. I think it would be great to introduce another machine that’s not related to Tony Stark in any shape or form. I think it would be a breath of fresh air actually. Also, Arch-E-5912 kicks as much ass as his other companions in Planet Hulk.

Arch-E-5912 wondering where the teams are in Planet Hulk

These characters don’t need to play a large role, but showing them interacting with Hulk or even with Thor would be a great nod towards the Planet Hulk series. I’m a little sad that Hulk isn’t getting his own movie due to possible issues with Universal Pictures, but at least we’re all going to get a taste of our favorite green goliath smashing everything in his path, be it monsters or Thor himself.

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