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What an intense episode of Outsiders for every one of our characters!

First things first… Haylie’s death?! When I first saw the episode, I wasn’t sure if it was a true murder or if she killed herself for the Farrell cause, but after watching the episode again, I noticed that Matt Meyer snuck Haylie’s key out when he placed his keys on the table. He had his goons kill her, possibly the same guys who took Gordon. Poor Haylie. I was beginning to like this side of her. I was hoping she would become the person to expose the coal company for their misdeeds.

Hopefully, Wade will realize that Haylie had the samples of the dirt and water – and find them in the salt and pepper shaker – to expose those bastards who killed her. Wade is a great sheriff. He’ll be able to. My only concern is that they are going to use Dana against Wade. He now has someone he cares about. What do evil corporations do? They target the things you love to have you leave them alone. Be safe, Dana.

The next thing I quickly want to make a small blurb for is Barbara. Poor girl. She keeps getting shafted by the men of the mountain and all for G’win – both Asa and Lil Foster. The girl can’t catch a break, which also makes me worried because she may be blaming all of her problems on G’win. A scornful woman will get her revenge and I have a feeling she’s going to do something to G’win and possibly, the baby. I hope not, but if her reaction was any indication, she just might.

Now, onto the big story. It looks like the people of Shay Mountain have come down because they really had no other choice. It was a good call for G’win because now she was able to get their story out there and cause some kind of spark for a movement. Maybe there will be more ‘Gordons’ popping up to try and help the Farrells. If not, at least the Farrells were able to get their water and food before the winter.

But, because of this and the death of the security guard – even though it was the civillian’s fault – will cause the coal people and police to want to move up the mountain and attack. I don’t know what to expect now since there is no Haylie and Wade can’t protect them anymore. There is good and bad about this run. I just hope for more good than bad.


The episode begins with Haylie marching to the police station and right into Matt Meyer’s office, immediately after coming off the mountain. She confronts him on what the coal company has done to the people of Shay Mountain. He is concerned with her, but she shoots him down. She confronts him on his part of poisoning Shay Mountain and places the poisoned dirt and water on his desk. Matt turns the tables on her and threatens her job since she was “canoodling” with the Farrells and the potential leak. She demands Matt step down, but if he doesn’t. She is going to call labs and gets the samples tested and then going to expose him. She leaves.

Wade watches from the outside of the office at their confrontation and attempts to talk to her because she is considered a ‘Missing Person.’ She shrugs him off and tells him she’ll be back for her belongings.


Matt is arguing with someone on the phone about Haylie, but is interrupted by Wade who wants to know why Haylie was yelling at Matt earlier. Matt acts like he doesn’t know what’s going on and thinks she’s going to harm herself.

The Farrell clan are running out of resources – especially their water source – and it is causing people in the community to fight. G’win notices the food is also dwindling. She decides to do a run down into the town. She talks to her council who find it to be an outrageous idea, but Big backs G’win’s decision. G’win wants to tell the people their story and have those people phones to take photos, which they saw Haylie use in the last episode. While G’win and her people are down there distracting them, Big and his crew will go on the run and get supplies.

G’win is practicing her speech to the outsiders in her room. Big comes in and G’win wants to know who is doing the run with him – including Lil Foster. Big does not want G’win to go down to the town, because he wants her and the baby to be safe. Big calls the child his (even though it belongs to Lil Foster), but G’win says she will raise the child herself, without Big. She kicks him out of her house, which causes him to become angry. He gets drunk and tells his men to go against what the bren’in says and shoot if they feel like their life is threatened.

Sally-Ann counted the money from Hasil’s fight and found something wrong. There is money missing. They confront Butch on shortchanging them. Butch gives the excuse of paying the lookouts, food, and for Frida’s transition. Frida tells Butch to give Sally-Ann and Hasil back their money. Sally-Ann takes the money and fires Butch. Sally-Ann says she’ll manage Hasil’s fights now.

Wade stops by Dana’s place to say hello. She has other plans and invites him in for some ‘afternoon delight’. He agrees to it.

Lil Foster stops by G’win’s place and tells her he knows the baby is his. He apologizes to her for it. G’win tells her the child is hers. Lil tries to convince G’win not to go down the town because he says the outsiders are bad news. She tells him she will go down to help her people. Lil leaves to the common area where Barbara runs to him. He sadly breaks up with her and she runs away crying.

Meanwhile, Haylie has been unsuccessful in finding a lab to test the samples. She knows it’s the coal company’s fault. She gets a knock on the door and it’s Matt Meyer. He tells her he’s worried about her and gives her a credit card to take a vacation. She turns him down and kicks him out. As he walks out, he also takes her hotel card too. Haylie freaks out and hides the samples in a salt and pepper shaker.

Sally-Ann tells the Zack, the fight organizer, that Butch is out and that Sally-Ann will manage Hasil now. She demands that Hasil gets a bigger cut and better fights. Zack says he doesn’t need them anymore because they found another Farrell to fight. Hasil sees an imposter fighting and knocks him out. Zack changes his mind. 

The clan is preparing to go down to the town. G’win gives a motivational speech that they will go down as a family. The family start walking down as Big and his team prepares their ATVs for the run. Separately, Lil Foster takes his motorcycle and heads down to the town.

The townspeople see G’win and her clan come down. G’win tells the townspeople that the coal company has poisoned their land, which caused the deaths of two people. A man in a car yells at them to move, but a townsperson tells the guy to turn around. They call the police. Wade gets the called while in from Dana’s house and rushes over to the site where G’win is. Wade confronts G’win for being there. G’win tells him that their water and food source was poisoned. Wade is surprised about this and realizes Haylie had the soil and water samples. Wade then gets a call about burglaries taking place at the store. After Wade leaves, G’win and her people return home.

After seeing the police heading to G’win’s location, Big and his crew make their run. They collect the water and bread needed from small convenience stores and grocery stores. Phil’Up and Barnabus are trapped in a store by a civilian with a gun. The civilian accidentally shoots the security guard thinking he was a Farrell. While the civilian is not looking, Hasil knocks the guy out and leaves, which allows Phil’Up and Barnabus to leave. Big’s crew leaves with the supplies, but Big is stopped by Wade, who wants to arrest Big for killing Breece. Just then, Lil Foster comes to rescue Big. Wade doesn’t shoot them and lets them go.

Wade returns home to Ledda watching the news. The Farrells have become viral with G’win speech to them. He tells her he saw the guy who killed Breece, but he couldn’t kill the guy. Wade then gets a call and heads to Haylie’s hotel where he finds her dead. It looks like a suicide, but Wade knows it wasn’t a suicide.

Wade then gets a call and heads to Haylie’s hotel where he finds her dead. It looks like a suicide, but Wade knows it wasn’t a suicide.

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