Mr. Shifty is a Switch game that’s Hotline Miami with teleporting

Mr. Shifty

Meet Mr. Shifty, an elite thief and heist planner with a slight edge above the rest: his power of teleportation. He can warp in just about any direction to get the jump on his foes, even through walls. The game’s been described as “Hotline Miami meets Nightcrawler (the X-Men character for all you casuals).” Mr. Shifty sports a top-down camera angle and fast-paced combat where if you get hit once, you die. Speed is the name of the game so players must be sure to use their warping abilities as often as they can. The game also makes use of the Switch’s HD rumble feature, making for precise vibration wherever you punch a baddie.

Mr. Shifty is developed by Team Shifty, a group of developers from Halfbrick who previously worked on Fruit Ninja. They know how satisfying it is when you get a critical hit, be it on a fruit or in this case, a shotgun-wielding henchman. The game will also be coming out on Steam, so if you’re interested in playing it now, you can download the open beta here.

We are currently in the process of reviewing Mr. Shifty on the Nintendo Switch, so expect our review to come out within the week. Mr. Shifty launches on both the Switch and Steam on April 13, just two days from now. Check out the trailer below.

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