Dredd producer hopes to make an R-rated Mega Man film

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Recently, it was announced that a new Mega Man series would be coming to the Cartoon Network in the near future. Now, it looks like a Mega Man film could be on its way, at least if producer Adi Shankar has anything to say about it. Shankar, who was an executive producer on 2012’s Dredd and will helm this year’s Castlevania on Netflix, is looking to create more video game adaptations and would like Mega Man to be one of them.

Even though movies based on video games traditionally have done poorly, this doesn’t seem to bother Shankar. Speaking with WWG, he admitted that he’d “love to do a hard-R Mega Man.” He explained how he sees the cultural shift in the popularity of comic books, video games, and other elements of nerd culture that has spawned massive success in recent years.

Although his plan to make a successful video game adaptation, especially an R-rated Mega Man story, seems like a herculean endeavor, his approach seems a little reassuring.

“Even though I have one foot in the door in Hollywood, I’m not trying to rape and pillage culture for profit,” said Shankar. “I’m trying to take the things I loved as a kid and bring them to life in an interesting way.”

Obviously, Mega Man’s an incredibly popular franchise and fans would be thrilled to see the character come to the big screen. But does a game about a boy robot navigating challenging landscapes and battling robot masters really lend itself to a R-rated experience? We’ll have to see how Shankar handles this difficult task.




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