Into the Badlands 2×04 ‘Palm of the Iron Fox’ recap & review


Well… what a way to end the episode. The series actually killed off one of the main characters, which came as a shock to me. Ryder was a big part of the series and I was hoping to learn more about him as a baron and his past of being abducted by cogs. Also, I am sad for Jade, who sacrificed everything for him, only to have him die.

Although I am saddened by Ryder’s death, I am pleasantly surprised that no one is safe on this show. There are several series, excluding Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, that keep their main stars alive, even through the toughest situations where you think – he/she should have died. This show finally shows me, nope. No one is safe. Although, I do wish they find a way to bring Ryder back, because Oliver Stark is so fun to watch.

But, I do hope that from Ryder’s death, Jade will rise from this moment and become the baroness she was meant to become. She is strong and probably be compelled to avenge him. Who knows? Maybe even Lydia will want to kill the man who killed her son. Lydia has also proven herself as a leader.

The series had also done something very different from the narrative – there was no Sunny in this episode at all. In the beginning of the series, Sunny (Daniel Wu) was set as the main character. He has been in every episode, except this very episode. This proves to us that the other characters can lead the story and that they are well established to how their own.

The introduction to the new barons will provide more storyline to the characters. Baroness Chau is a fun character who could take on the Widow. Their aversion towards each other makes it fun to watch them fight.

I can’t wait to see where Widow ends up next week with all the Barons dead or running.


Quinn and his clippers are preparing for war. He leaves Veil and Henry under the care of his most trusted Clipper, Edgar. Before leaving, he gives Veil his Baron ring for Henry to keep. Quinn proceeds to motivate his clippers to fight for him.

The Widow is in Ryder’s territory and prepares to meet with the other barons. Waldo gives her some advice that she should just be who she is – fearless. She enters the room and we see all the barons. Waldo is offered food but turns it down. We see that the waiter is Gabriel.

Baroness Chau and Widow have some words. Chau confronts Widow and her rise to power – marrying and killing her husband, which Chau rose to the top being top colt pupil. Waldo interrupts them and tells Widow that they need Chau to agree with them,

Tilda is in charge of the home base and is given a report of the refugees by Tessa, the doll who is now a Butterfly. Tessa asks Tilda to train her, but Tilda tells her job is now to only protect the Widow. Tess is disgusted with the fact that Waldo is with the Widow at the conclave because she is supposed to empower women. Tess tells her that Tilda should have gone.

Edgar prepares breakfast for Veil and Henry. She asks Edgar for access to the ventilation room for some sunlight for Henry. Edgar grants it and allows her in and leaves. Veil then takes out a hook and rope to attempt to get out. As they climb, Edgar knocks on the door and becomes worried about them. He unlocks the door and Veil quickly climb back down and pretends to be nursing Henry. Edgar apologizes to her and closes the door again.

Veil is back in her medicine room and grabs a potion and quickly places it into Edgar’s water. They share a meal. He tells her he always admired Sunny and they toast to Sunny. Edgar begins to pass out from the drink. Veil apologizes and leaves with Henry through the train tracks. She sees the gate is locked and attempts to break it. Edgar attacks her, but she is able to kill him, but Edgar does have the keys. Veil is left crying as Edgar lays dead.

Gabriel goes into the kitchen area but is stopped by Jade who does not remember training him. He tells her he’s new. Jade tells him to keep up the good work and allows him to continue. He proceeds to send a message to one of the doves to Quinn telling him they’re ready.

Widow and Chau are alone. Widow offers a deal with the oil for her vote. Chau doesn’t like Widow’s ideal for a cog-free world because they all depend on cogs. Widow said she experience life as a cog and doesn’t want anyone to experience that. Chau said she doesn’t want a war, so that is the only reason she’d vote for Widow. But, Widow must promise to not shelter any runaway cogs. The Widow says she’ll think it over and will provide the answer at the vote. Widow consults ho tells her compromise is not weakness, it’s survival.

During the conclave, the Widow speaks to the barons about taking her oil fields back from Ryder, because they were rightfully hers. She then pledges to not take in any more runaway cogs if they give her the vote. Ryder tells the barons to not listen to her because she wants to free the cogs. They get into a heated discussion about her plans to start a war between Jacobee and Quinn, which he also partook. He then tells them that a vote against the Widow will make the unity between the barons stronger.

Gabriel brings food to the clippers and then kill them. He runs to the underground area and lets Quinn and his men know it’s all clear to come in. They approach from the tunnels.

The barons begin to vote and all of them vote against her. The Widow has been stripped of her land and privileges. The Widow then declares war on them. Ryder then tells her they don’t need to wait – the barons then arm themselves to attack the Widow. The Widow then tells them that she has plans for their families to be murdered if she does not return home safely. Just then, they hear Quinn’s men attacking the fort. His men surround the barons and he makes a grand entrance. Everyone is in shock.

Ryder runs inside. Quinn demands his men kill them all as he heads for Ryder. The battle begins and a baron attacks Widow, while everyone begins to fight. Chau and the Widow have an epic showdown. Just as Waldo is about to be killed, Tilda comes in and saves him. She then tosses her mother’s sword to her. Chau escapes as the three – Widow, Waldo, and Tilda – stand their ground.

Quinn runs into Jade as he searches for Ryder. He allows her to live as he sees Ryder running away in the fields. Jade begs for Ryder’s life. Ryder is in the garden maze making a run for it. His father shows up and gives Ryder the opportunity to kill him, but he turns it down. Quinn then kills Ryder. Quinn asks why Ryder hesitated, and Ryder tells him because he’s his father. Quinn leaves Ryder dead with Jade mourning over his body.


MK sneaks into the Master’s room and takes an origami piece and attempts to go into his mind to face his demon. He is taken to his past in a hut where his mother is calling him. He sees her bleeding and dying. She tells him she forgives him and dies. MK sees his dark side who tells him he was the one with blood on his hands. The dark side of him knocks MK out, which causes the real MK in the mirror room to be knocked out.

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