New Mega Man series coming to Cartoon Network

It has been revealed recently that Mega Man would be getting a new show, but now it’s official. Dentsu Entertainment USA reveals that a new animated series featuring the boy robot will be coming to Cartoon Network in the near future.

Dentsut Entertainment will be teaming up with DHX Media to co-produce, develop, and manage licensing for Mega Man. DHX and Dentsu describe the story below:

The new animated Mega Man series focuses on a normal, upbeat schoolboy robot, who discovers that deep within his programming lies secret protocols that can transform him into the powerful Mega Man. And, as the world’s first robotic super-hero, Mega Man must face the threats of Silicon City, while trying to preserve his secret identity and maintain a regular robot boy life.

Apparently, the new series will be targeted at kids age 6 to 9 and “their parents who grew up loving the video games.” It will have 26 episodes and will feature classic characters like Rush. It will also introduce new ones as well. Furthermore, Mega Man’s alter ego will be known as Aki Light.

Man of Action Entertainment will help develop the show. They’ll be creating and writing the series with Dentsu Entertainment and will also have an executive producer credit.

The new Mega Man series, based on the incredibly popular video games, has no release date yet. It’s expected to come out in 2018 or soon after.


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