Vanessa and Rock Howard both announced as DLC characters for King of Fighters XIV

king of fighters xiv

SNK and Atlus have teased the release of new characters via DLC in the King of Fighters XIV. Now they have announced that Rock Howard and Vanessa will be joining the previously announced Whip and Ryuji Yamazaki.


Vanessa joined the King of Fighter series in 1999 and made her fighting debut in 2000. Her last playable appearance was in the King of Fighters XI. Vanessa is a dangerous boxer who can close distances quickly and deal quite a bit of damage with her combos and links.

Rock Howard

Rock Howard was first introduced in Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves in 1999. The son of Geese Howard, Rock was raised by Terry Bogard after Geese was defeated and was thought to have fallen to his death. Rock has appeared in various other titles including Capcom vs SNK 2, and the King of Fighters: Maximum Impact titles. In King of Fighters XIV, he retains all of his signature moves which are a combination of moves from both Terry and Geese. His Shine Knuckle SDM has a small change in animation.

No official announcement on when the DLC character will be playable but it’s been rumored to be April 5th.

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