Nintendo ‘docking and undocking the Switch 100 times per day’

Switch owners are expressing frustration about a scratching problem related to the console’s dock. Apparently when the Switch inserts into the dock or comes out, it risks becoming scratched. Because of this, screen protectors are in high demand.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé claimed the issue never happened with their own experience.

“As soon as I heard of this report, I asked my teams, ‘Have we seen this in our own experience?’ And the candid answer has been no,” he said (via Tech Times). “So throughout all of those experiences, throughout all the docking and undocking we’ve done, we haven’t seen it.”

The company hopes to solve the docking drama by recreating the issue. According to a Reddit post, a man named Richard from a Nintendo support chat revealed the process of working on the problem:

“We’re taking every incident seriously and are evaluating them in our service center. We can’t verify anything related to the allegations online. My test console here at my office is docked and undocked around 100 times a day and I have no scratches on my display. I can’t say anything else for certain about that.”

Underneath the original post, one Reddit user thinks Switch owners are just not careful with their equipment.

“If you handle it like it’s a piece of electronic equipment and not a brick when putting it in the dock you’ll be fine,” he wrote.

Other Switch owners believe it is silly to dismiss the claims of faulty design.

“Everyone assumes that anyone who has experienced a scratched screen must be abusing their Switch, and that’s just not the case,” someone else on Reddit wrote. “I have electronics and collectibles that were purchased a decade ago without a scratch on them … I baby my electronics and anything else that costs money, especially my consoles.”

“Yet the very first time I docked and undocked my Switch, there were marks in the bottom right and left corners.”

Users on Reddit also pointed out certain docks are bent:

“I undock and dock multiple times a day, 5 days a week, at least. No scratches. I’m careful when I put it in, but not overly careful. I look at it under direct light. No scratches.”

“The issue is clearly a dock issue. Some are warped or bent.”

For now though, the Switch is selling like hotcakes. But the company does not want to ignore issues such as this one if the momentum will continue into the holiday season.

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