Final Fantasy XV Limited Edition OST Review

Yoko Shimomura’s soundtrack for Final Fantasy XV has finally arrived. After years of playing samples of demos before the original game’s release and even playing the game itself, that did not fully prepare me for what was in store in the soundtrack. With a whopping 96 tracks, all collected within a four disc set, Final Fantasy’s OST includes the most diverse set of music I’ve heard for a video game. It surprised me with strong blues music representing the outskirts of the massive open world, but then dramatically shifts to a mash up of electronic/orchestral sounds throughout the entire album. Fans of the game will definitely feel the same fun as they did with Noctis’ epic journey.

From the beginning, I was instantly hooked with the “Somnus (instrumental)”, which sums up the majority of the score. The piano work can be recalled back to this piece and binds the entire album together, coming in and out unexpectedly, but in a way that it succeeds. From then on, the bluesy sounds of “Hammerhead” can transport you into a classic spaghetti western and the exploration theme “Wanderlust,” can transform any car ride into a fantasy road trip with its fanciful orchestral sounds.

Of course, the battle themes of the album are what stand out. “Encroaching Fear” appropriately warns you of a preemptive battle, containing warning sounds of strings; the powerful brass of “Stand Your Ground” represents a powerful battle currently ensued. Another piece that emerged to me would have to be “Reel Rumble,” which includes an awesome mixture of rock, organ, and brass to represent aquatic battles.

Final Fantasy XV’s OST also includes a pleasant amount of feel-good pieces too. My personal favorite “Safe Haven,” is accompanied with a gratifying acoustic guitar and light piano. Other pieces such as “Urban Chrome” and “Lestallum” include an assortment of mixes that include shakers, upbeat guitars and even a lovely waltz from “Valse di Fantastica”.

Yoko Shimomura did cater to the fans as well. Since this is Final Fantasy, the album includes a chill version of “The Prelude” renamed to “Crystalline Chill.” Probably my favorite pieces throughout the entire album are the new takes of the classic Chocobo theme that start with a light and elegant flute, to a fast and upbeat guitar/banjo.

As the OST continues, the album does progressively get more dramatic, as it should. Without spoiling anything, the soundtrack does an amazing job replicating the emotion conveyed by the original game itself. Once listening to this album, be completely prepared for a fun emotional roller coaster.

Final Fantasy XV OST delivers a score completely different from past Final Fantasy’s. Its mix of classical and modern themes definitely makes this soundtrack more western than previous games, but it works. Just as I enjoyed the original game, this soundtrack is a must buy that any fan will enjoy thoroughly.

Reaction Rating: 4 out of 5 atoms

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