New Thor: Ragnarok merchandise art

We haven’t seen Marvel’s giant green goliath in some time, coupled with Thor. Although in all fairness, Thor did make a guest appearance in Doctor Strange in the after-credits scene. Other than that, Bruce Banner and the Hulk haven’t been seen since the massacre that unfolded during Avengers: Age of Ultron.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news for Thor: Ragnarok, which is basically the end times for Midgard and the Asgardians, then you’re probably in the know that the Hulk and Thor team up for this buddy flick. I say “buddy flick” loosely since they’re not going to be enjoying themselves much since it looks like they’ll be put into an arena like gladiators and fighting for their very lives.

This current art release of both Hulk and Thor show them donning helmets and armor while wielding weapons. Missing from the picture seems to be Mjolnir, Thor’s magically blessed Uru hammer. Instead, Thor seems to be carrying a sword of some sort while the Hulk is wielding his own kind of hammer. Do you think both these weapons have magical properties as well? Well, we’re all going to find out this coming November 3rd when it releases into theaters.

A sidenote to this movie is that it’s supposed to be mixing in portions of the plot and characters from the Planet Hulk series. I can’t wait for the smashing to happen from these two!

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