Lola and the Giant, an adventure within a Daydream

Virtual reality is adding a whole new layer to adventure games since now more than ever, you are immersed deeper into the fantasy world. One of the latest VR games I’ve tried was Lola and the Giant which will be coming exclusively to Google Daydream. The game follows young Lola who ends up befriending a lonely giant on her magical adventure, after awakening in a mysterious world. During their journey, the player will need to swap perspectives between the two characters in order to solve puzzles while exploring a visually stunning world.

During my time with the game, none of the puzzles were all too difficult to solve, mostly just involving using the various abilities I had acquired. It’s unclear if the game will become more challenging as you progress, but it does look as though it may be targeting a younger audience. This is also complemented by the addition of a companion app which allows a second player to see what the first player does and assist where needed. The game looks to be pulled from a storybook and brings two lovable characters together that give the feeling of what it would look like if we ever saw a crossover between Coraline and The Iron Giant. I for one think that is a winning combination.

Check out the teaser below for Lola and the Giant coming later this year exclusively to Google Daydream.

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