Underground 2×03 ‘Ache’ recap


Daniel is reading to his daughter about a slave woman and how she is stronger than her fellow man. He tells his daughter that she is strong in the mind and body. Cut to Ernestine, who is still seeing visions of Sam from the chemicals, looking at the ocean with Sam asking, “I thought you promised Master Tom was the last one.” She returns to the village and is confronted by the foreman. He hits her and Hicks come to her aid. She pushes him off, still angry about Clara.

Clara is getting chastised by the village of slaves on who impregnated her (when she was pregnant). She refuses to say who. During this time, Ernestine begins to remember her time with her husband while pregnant with Sam.

While she is sitting next to the sacred tree, Clara’s father tells her about the tree. She doesn’t believe in his stories and spirits. He tells her she is not alone. She then reflects on cleaning her husband’s dead body from the wounds of the whip. Sam asks her if she’d do this for him. She begins to cry and then hardens.

Ernestine preps to perform at the big house and sniffs the chemicals again. She sees Sam who tells her she had a good life with Master Tom and that she preferred that life than protect him.

Hicks is playing his banjo for Master Matthew and his friends. Matthew is complaining about getting kicked out the academy and how slavery makes a person essentially useless. Ernestine begins singing for him and his colleagues. At first, she was singing sweetly, even flirty, but then became destructive. They look at her laughing hysterically.

Back at Hick’s place, Ernestine begins to undress with Hick’s yelling at her performance. She tells him she didn’t want to go and become the Master’s bitch. They begin to fight. She wants him to beat her and he stops when he notices her egging him on. He tells her he loves her and they embrace. They have sex.

Ernestine remembers going to a fellow woman slave (Angela Bassett) asking to be able to not get pregnant. The woman taunts Ernestine for being in the big house with the Master and flaunting herself. Ernestine says she will do whatever it takes to survive.

Ernestine is wearing white and goes into the ocean with a rock. She turns and sees the image of her son, husband, and Pearly Mae. She drowns herselfm, but is saved by her fellow slaves.

Patty Cannon sees the feathers and blood at the spot Rosalee was shot, but with no body to be found. Patty said she wants Rosalee alive to find Harriet Tubman.

We see Rosalee running into the woods and looking exhausted and bleeding. She treats her wounds and gets the bullet out. She takes her gun out and places the fire source on her wound and shoots it to disinfect her wound. She is beginning to pass out and reflects back on a memory of jumping on the bed with her mother in secret as a child. Her mother gives her advice that she must hold onto the good memories. She slowly injects adrenaline into her system to wake up. She is roaming around the woods.She swims across the lake to get to the other side and finds herself covered in leeches.

Patty’s tracker Jack says Rosalee crossed the lake. Patty forces him to swim across it to keep track of her.

Ernestine is getting weak and begins fading in and out. She wakes up and continues walking in the forest. She gets shot at and runs away from the blast. She hides in the bushes. She continues her run but he tackled by Jack. He knocks her down and almost stomps on her stomach. Enraged, she attacks him in full force and kills him. She remembers a moment with Harriet Tubman cutting down trees and talking about their mothers and saving them.

Patty and her crew find Jack dead. Patty tells Donahue that she wants to be considered a legend. Patty also shares that she believes the Black Rose was one of the seven slaves that ran away from Tom’s plantation. Patty’s crew buries Jack and walk away. Rosalee rises from the ground where she was hiding and rests by the water. A snake is slowly slithering next to her and attacks her leg. She kills the snake and rolls into the water. She grabs a leech and places it on her leg to suck out the poison. She wakes up the next day and the eats a bug to survive.

Donahue sees her. Rosalee is too in pain to move. He slowly gives her some water and walks away. She drinks the water and remembers her mother nursing James and TR. Rosalee continues running and slowly passes out. She suddenly wakes up and finds a horse and crawls into an empty carriage.

Donahue is interviewing Patty about Jack’s death. Patty said what’s better than a slave catcher… a slave catcher who was a slave. She said she knows someone who could catch the Black Rose. We see August.

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