Second Red Nose Actually teaser trailer released

In a little over two months, all questions will be answered…about that modest holiday film that ended up become a defacto holiday standard, Love Actually. There are few modern movies as divisive as Love Actually.¬†Some find its saccharine storylines about love and family more than a little nauseating and emotionally manipulative. Others (myself included) absolutely revel in the interconnected storylines, the tender odes to various types of love, and the…Britishness of it all.

But the film ended with so many unanswered questions. So on Red Nose Day on May 25, director Richard Curtis will reunite many of the film’s stars (some of whom have gone on to much bigger things) to show us what happened to all those characters we grew to love. Although there will no doubt be a few missing cast members (RIP Snape…), most of the principal cast will be returning for this video short.

To whet our appetites, a second teaser trailer has been released for the event, taking a…[ahem] cue from one of the most famous scenes of the film, Andrew Lincoln’s heartfelt cue card profession of love to Keira Knightly.

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