Power Rangers reboot is getting mixed reviews

The new Power Rangers movie was initially questioned by many of its die-hard fans. There were forums questioning why Hollywood would even attempt to reboot this franchise, but ultimately it was to re-introduce this series to a new generation. The original Power Rangers has had long time fans throughout the decades since its release during the 90s. If I were to be a little more accurate, the original Japanese version was released in the ’70s and ’80s.

The current reboot is slated to release on March 24, 2017, however, it’s already receiving questionable reviews. Currently on the review percentage chart of Rotten Tomatoes, they have it at a 46% mark. This could fluctuate higher or lower. From past experiences with Rotten Tomatoes, most movies don’t seem to break the “fresh” meter once they start off in the “rotten” zone, although anything can happen.

Some reviews that have been released are praising it for being able to hold on to its original feel of being campy and sticking to its roots. Basically, five teenagers with attitudes take on the forces of evil, Rita Repulsa, from trying to destroy the Earth. With the mixed reviews that are out currently, do you still have this on your “to watch” list?

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