Hammo TV Wireless Headphones review

So there I am sitting on the sofa enjoying a few rounds of Destiny on my PlayStation 4. At times I forget how loud my surround sound system can be when it gets late. Naturally at one point, I have to turn it down my surround sound system to avoid some angry neighbors. My current headphones just don’t quite match the quality of my surround sound. Noontec has a solution: The Hammo TV Wireless Headphones. It is that one-stop setup that provides a surround sound without sacrificing quality nor comfort. The ability to enjoy surround sound quality gaming or movies without shaking the walls is a big promise that Noontec aims to deliver with the Hammo TV Wireless Headphones. 


  • State-of-the-art personal wireless audio system designed for discreet TV listening.
  • Includes a dedicated, low-latency wireless transmission docking station.
  • High-Fidelity wireless headphones designed for accurate and superior sound reproduction.
  • Built-in, high-endurance battery that lasts up to 50 hours.
  • Long distance transmission capability makes Hammo TV suitable for even the largest living rooms.
There’s some good tech that powers the Hammo TV, making this a big contender in the headphone market. What separates this from most headphones is its wireless capabilities. Most headphones these days utilize Bluetooth technology, yet it’s surprisingly absent in the Hammo TV. In its place is the stand that instead uses a low latency High Definition wireless technology. The signal provides an anti-interference connection that allows for an uncompressed sound that is rich to the ears. The stand also couples as a holster for the Hammo TV and a charging dock for when not in use. But the primary use of the stand is to connect to the sound source. The provided auxiliary jack and RCA adapter provides limitless uses seeing as it can practically connect to most devices.
At first it felt as if the Hammo TV was too cluttered with several wires coming from the stand. (A power source cable, headphone power cable and aux cable.) It seems like a lot of wires for something that is meant to be wireless, but the stand is meant to be stationary. Once it’s set up, that’s it. There’s no need to move it around or connect and reconnect to several devices. Once you find that one device you want it for, set it up and leave it alone. The Hammo TV will do its job in providing that wireless surround sound audio and it does it really well. You can hear different levels of sound that truly capture the surround sound essence while not being too overpowering either. Being creative with what the Hammo TV can connect to will yield great results. I found myself plugging in the Hammo TV to my phone and playing Pandora or Spotify on occasion. Most PC speakers have an aux port for headphones. Simply station the stand next to it and voila, instant wireless headphones with dedicated charge station. And since it’s connected directly to your speakers, you don’t have to worry about messing around with the sound settings to get it connected.
Final Reaction
When it comes to headphones, the market is full of them, but none capture the surround sound experience like the Hammo TV Wireless Headphones. Noontec is able to deliver the movie theater experience without all the clutter. The Hammo TV Wireless Headphones will help keep you engaged in whatever you are watching or playing with a sound experience like no other. Unlike most wireless headphones, the Hammo TV is meant to stick with one device, whether it be your TV, surround sound system, or PC/gaming console. But once it’s setup and ready to go, the Hammo TV will surely deliver.
Rating – 4/5 Atoms
You can purchase the Hammo TV Wireless Headphones at noontec.com
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