Shout Around, the meetup app for convention goers, cosplayers, photographers

It’s a great time to be a nerd, especially with so many options with entertainment. There’s even a place where many can call home with geeky conventions like San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con, Dragon Con, Anime Expo and PAX. As a nerd, wouldn’t it be cool to meet others who have the same passion as you using an app? Luckily, a Kickstarter campaign just launched for a meetup app called Shout Around. Its goal is to help bring the convention community closer while also building friendships.

Using the app, one can connect to nearby friends and followers with geolocation. You’ll be able to send private messages, post about what you’re up to with public “Shouts”, check in at VIP locations to unlock badges, post photos, add friends using QR codes without giving out your personal information, and customize your profile with skins.

Visit the Kickstarter page to learn more about the app and to help it reach its goal at

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