Paladins closed beta hits PS4 and Xbox One

The wait is over! Paladins has officially hit Closed Beta for consoles. Champions, it’s time to gear up and take the battle to consoles on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Paladins has spent some time on consoles in a Closed Alpha testing phase.

Having had the chance to play the Alpha on the PS4, it definitely needed some tweaks compared to its PC counterpart. The Closed Beta, however, does sport much smoother gameplay and a more polished look than the Alpha. Graphics are cleaner, controls responded well and the sound effects were fully implemented. Plus, the main screen sports a functional Paladins home screen complete with the store to purchase character skins and loot chests.

On top of that, there is a Founders Pack that is available to purchase with the following perks:

  • All current and future Champions (seriously?!)
  • 10 Radiant Chests
  • All Standard Champion Voice Packs
  • God of War Fernando Collection
  • Infernal Warhorse Mount
  • Fernando Ares SMITE Skin

The Founders Pack is currently on sale now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $14.99 which grants instant access to the closed Beta. You can also sign up for the PS4 Beta and Xbox One Beta for access as well. Once Paladins hits Open Beta, it will be free for all. See you guys on the battlefield!

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