CCP’s VR sports game, Sparc, is like being in Tron

During GDC, I had the chance to check out Sparc, the VR sports game from CCP for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. Before you even ask, it will take place outside of the EVE universe. The 2-player pong-like game will require you to use your hands, arms and body, and it can get really hectic when faced with a competitive player.

Putting the VR headset, I felt like I was being transported into the world of Tron with its dark setting and bright neon lights emanating from the avatar’s body. It helps that the avatar design is pretty basic to help you feel like you’re the avatar. Using motion controllers, you will be tossing a ball-like projectile in hopes that it will hit the enemy, kind of like dodgeball. The projectile can bounce around the room’s walls and ceiling and can come back to hit you, so you will need to have fast reflexes in order to dodge or catch the projectile. There’s also an option of using a shield to protect your body or using your fists to bounce the ball back at the enemy. To make things even harder, the enemy will also have their own projectile, so imagine trying to maneuver around two projectiles.

After playing 2 matches, I was already sweating.

The game will also allow spectators to watch the match. They can even distract the players by coming in closer to the game’s court area. If you can’t find an online player to compete against or simply want to enjoy the game by yourself, there will be single-player challenges and trials.

Sparc will be available in 2017.

Check out the gameplay b-roll below.

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