VR game, Sprint Vector, will make you feel like a super athlete

Virtual reality games are all the rage and with good reasons. They offer a new way to play and immerse yourself into the game. While many VR games require some degree of physical activity, Sprint Vector turns it up to 11. It is an adrenaline-filled parkour-like racing game that will test you physically and mentally. Survios has created a brand new fluid locomotion system that is fun, intuitive, and comfortable for most people when playing, thanks to its smooth and realistic motion controls.

Along with sprinting, you will also be required to climb 100+ foot towers, jump over and dodge obstacles, as well as fly through the air like Superman when the player hits certain ramps.

Strafing around obstacles is not easy at first, requiring you to turn your head while sprinting at breakneck speeds and then resetting to neutral or the opposite direction to keep your momentum. While beginners will use this method, as they become more experienced, they may learn that swinging their arms to the side is more comfortable. Failure to dodge obstacles will result in a collision that not only stops your momentum¬†but also gives you a nice bounce backward to keep the player from becoming disoriented. Every time I collided, I could swear that I had actually experienced slamming into a wall while going over 300mph, even though VR can’t simulate that level of immersion yet (thankfully).

I have played a lot of VR games and from what I observed, this is one of those games that kept others and myself hopping back in line to try and achieve the best time on the leaderboards. This is one VR game that needs to be in everyone’s library, and it will give you a killer workout if you want to use it like one.

*Sprint Vector doesn’t currently have a release date but will be playable on the VIVE when it releases.

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