PS Vita’s Ray Gigant getting a Limited Run Games release

Originally released as a digital-only title last year, publisher Acttil announced that PlayStation Vita exclusive title Ray Gigant will be getting a physical release thanks to Limited Run Games.

If you aren’t familiar with Limited Run Games, the company works with different developers and publishers to release various games titles that normally wouldn’t see a physical release. Limited Run Game releases tend to be very popular since as the name of the company hints, only a limited amount of these games are released which make them hot titles, especially for collectors.

Developed by Experience, Ray Gigant is a Dungeon Crawler JRPG is in a fictional, future version of Tokyo that has been left in ruins due to the invasion of space aliens called “Gigants”. The game is split into three chapters, which are shown in the point of view of three different main characters, Ichiya Amakaze, Kyle Griffin, and Nil Phineas.

The game will be available for purchase on April 14th only at the Limited Run Games website. Follow the Limited Run Games Twitter Page for more information and updates.

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