Lindsey Stirling shines as Belle in Beauty and the Beast video

Time flies.

Lindsey Stirling, a failed America’s Got Talent contestant in 2010, is now a star thanks to the power of YouTube and other social media. Her brand of violin music combined with electronic mixes and high-energy dancing is working. But besides her own original music, Lindsey made unique covers of popular video game themes and selections from movie soundtracks. A lot of fans, including this one, first discovered her through those covers before going on to appreciate the original music too. Luckily, Lindsey still makes those unique violin covers of familiar tunes.

In this case, she released a medley of Beauty and the Beast music, which is convenient since the live-action film releases this week.

How is it?

First off, her violin work is fantastic. Alas, this opinion comes from someone who is not a music expert. Also, remembering the names of any Beauty and the Beast song not titled “Be Our Guest” is admittedly a challenge as well. So, this writing does not come from a franchise expert either.

Everything flows beautifully though. Whether she hit every note perfectly is not a concern. What matters is that her medley is catchy and transitions well from one part to the next, and Lindsey pulls the task off smoothly.

The second concern is whether Lindsey can convince Disney fans she is Belle, and she does look like her. Many of the comments underneath her video even argue Miss Stirling is a more accurate Belle than Emma Watson.

Knowing how talented Lindsey is, she could probably pull off the role. Even though Lindsey is approaching 31, she looks as young and vibrant as ever and can seemingly fit a wide variety of characters.

Is the video interesting to watch?

Yes. Lindsey rarely misses on this point. This video is no different.

She starts off in a near-empty arena, looking like she is rehearsing for the next live show in her Belle outfit. The violin is melancholy at first and then picks up into a more happier sound as Lindsey travels around the set area bumping into people. Remember how Belle wanders around town while she sings in one of the opening scenes.

Lindsey then goes through the usual motions of her routine while dressed as Belle before the show begins. Each part is supposed to correspond to various parts of the original movie.

For example, Lindsey goes back to the dressing room and giggles with her lady friends. Next, she is in a room with more men and food. Some women dressed in white come over and sit with Lindsey. They are disgusted with the men.

The camera then cuts to a Lindsey “Meet and Greet” which she typically holds in the afternoon before her concerts. As Belle, Lindsey greets fans for pictures and light conversation and even some group dancing.

Eventually, it all ends.

Lindsey puts on a different costume back in the dressing room, and two large men escort her onto the stage. The “Tale as Old as Time” segment of the medley plays and tugs at the heart, as Lindsey performs in front of adoring fans.

To finish it off, the camera cuts back to Lindsey rehearsing with her band, and viewers will conjure up a tear or two.

Congratulations to Lindsey Stirling on another excellent video.

In addition to the “Beauty and the Beast” medley, Lindsey Stirling’s new original album Brave Enough is currently available in stores and digitally. Also, browse through her YouTube page for many more familiar covers.

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