James McAvoy gives his take on Logan

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Logan continues to find success among audiences and critics and is already being considered one of the greatest comic book movies ever made. Much praise has been given to Patrick Stewart who returns as Professor Charles Xavier. Stewart played Xavier from the very beginning, but he’s not the only actor to portray the powerful telepathic mutant. James McAvoy, of course, plays the younger version of Xavier in the prequel X-Men film series. The actor was in Austin promoting his role in the new film Atomic Blonde at its SXSW premiere when he was asked what he thought of Logan.

“It was cool. It was really awesome. And I thought it was beautifully done,” McAvoy elaborated. “And just really great to see these stories that we’re seeing told a lot, actually, just taken somewhere incredibly different.”

‘Different’ is right. The look and feel of Logan is so much different than what we’re used to seeing in comic book films. Mangold actually made it a point to go in a different direction without being beholden to the previous films in the franchise. He stated that he wanted to place the film so far in the future on the X-Men timeline so that he was unburdened by previous events to the point where he almost had a clean slate for his film.

With the success of unique superhero movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool and Logan, it looks like taking risks and being unique is paying off. Hopefully, producers will get the hint and stop trying to rehash the same old thing because it worked one time in the past. If they don’t want the genre to get stale, this is their best bet.

Via: Comicbook.com 

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