Compete Energy Bites review

Let’s talk about snacks, more specifically, snacks that cater to the gaming crowd. This is where Compete Energy Bites come in, claiming to provide energy for any situation. Whether it be gaming, playing sports, or even just getting through a work day. Each individually wrapped package comes with two energy bites, and each bite is equivalent to 12 oz. of coffee or so the packaging says.

The packaging also claims that the bites are “great tasting” and thankfully they were right about that. There are two flavors available so far: mocha and chocolate and I’m proud to say both taste excellent. I’ve had some poor experiences with energy bars as most brands tend to taste something like cat food, so this was a welcome surprise when I finally sunk my teeth into one.

As for the energy they give you, it’s tough for me to figure that out, especially considering how caffeine affects my nervous system can go one of two ways: either it barely affects me or I get a moderate boost of energy for about an hour or so until I come crashing down. So with that in mind, the caffeine in the Energy Bites is there and it will affect each person differently.

Final Reaction

For about $2 per bar or $23 per box, you really can’t go wrong with the Compete Energy Bites. They taste great, is a good substitute for coffee, and it’s easier to take with you anywhere than coffee. I can’t stress enough how good they taste considering my history with energy bars; they’re so damn good! Definitely give one bar a shot though before you go full-force on an entire box though, because my experience with the Energy Bites may be different than yours.

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