Whip confirmed as first DLC character in King of Fighters XIV

Meet the first DLC character announced for King of Fighter XIV, Whip. Last month during the King of Fighters XIV World Championships, SNK announced it would be releasing new stages, new DLC costumes for Iori, Kula, Meitenkun and Angel along with new fighters.

Whip first appeared in the King of Fighters 99′ as part of Team Ikari and would later team up with K’ and Maxima in 2001 as part of the Hero Team in order to take down NESTS. You can watch her reveal video below.

The trailer shows Whip in action, alongside a new Desperation Move and her Climax special. Whip’s unique fighting style makes her dangerous both in close and mid range using quick strikes with her whip to keep enemies guarding.

Whip will arrive on April 5th and will be available for $5.99 on the PlayStation Store.

What other characters do you think will be announced? A few names that have been mentioned for the silhouettes includes Yashiro or Yamazaki, Blue Mary and Vanessa.

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