The heavy price to rid piracy from Nassau – Black Sails XXXIV recap and review

A desperate deal was put in motion by Eleanor Guthrie and accepted by Captain Flint to allow them full control of Nassau without resistance nor bloodshed. This decision forced many hands to be pushed by both sides. Woodes Rogers wouldn’t allow Nassau to be easily taken by the pirates and went to Cuba to seek the aid from the Spanish Governor. Billy hated the idea once he heard from John Silver and kept insisting that they need to get rid of Flint altogether. Silver in turn betrays Billy and brings him to one of the slave communities. And with everything moving forward with the deal, Rackham warns Flint that Rogers will return and does so in a Spanish fleet. Black Sails XXXIV gives us the aftermath of desperation and the price to be paid for an ambitious goal.

Silver meets with the slave community and offers Billy as a sign that the pirates and slave community alliance can be fixed. Silver’s only request in handing over Billy was for him to remain alive and to find the leader behind the slave revolt. The slaves eagerly accepted him and dragged him into one of the barns. Flint and Rackham continue their conversation while Madi and Eleanor observe from a distance. Seeing as she still has to ensure the deal goes through, she leaves with Flint at gunpoint despite Rackham’s threat of killing them both to ensure his gold is not taken. After they depart, Max arrives while searching for Eleanor not long afterwards and warns Rackham of the arrival of Spain and their invasion. Rackham deduces that Rogers invited them to Max’s surprise. With no other options and unable to locate Eleanor, Max leaves with Rackham after spotting the Walrus on the horizon.

With heavy gun fire and nearly 1,000 troops invading, Nassau Town is in ruin as Rogers watches in dismay. Along with the Spanish governor, the two discuss where the pirates would be hiding. Rogers spots several of his men leaving the fort but doesn’t see Eleanor. After hearing that she left the fort to complete the deal she had bartered, Rogers demands that the Spanish governor inform his men to not hurt his wife, though the governor replies he is unable to due to his men already being unleashed to destroy everything in their path. John Silver meets with Billy and offers him a way back onto his side. Despite his betrayal, Silver still sees Billy as his friend but Billy declines going back with him and accepts his punishment. Afterward, Silver meets with Julius, the leader of the slave revolt. He informs him of the deal made with Eleanor and full control of Nassau. He offers a partnership with him and the slave community though Julius sees the pirate’s loyalties as unstable and feels their promises may follow suit. Their meeting is interrupted with the warning of the Spanish invasion. Silver claims they must make a stand then attempt to run and be defeated in an unorganized retreat and orders Julius to bring his men to aid in the defense, though Julius leaves without confirmation to the plan.

Eleanor, Flint, and Madi run into Spanish troops and hide in one of the houses they come across. While they await the soldiers, they successfully repel the small militia but see 3 more troops that get away. Flint and a few men chase them to avoid more from coming. With Spain rushing Silver’s position from the North, they set up a defense against the wall but are then flanked from the unprotected South. They are forced to retreat into one of the barns while Spain begins to set the town on fire. As Eleanor and Madi wait for Flint’s return, a Spanish soldier who was knocked out wakes up and sneaks inside the house. He attacks Eleanor and knocks Madi unconscious. Eleanor shoots the soldier in the shoulder, but he continues to assault Eleanor and attempts to rape her. Eleanor escapes by breaking a jar with oil over his head but is mortally wounded while attempting to strike the soldier with a sword. As she crawls away, the soldier grabs Eleanor but is set on fire in a last ditch effort by Eleanor. She tries to grab Madi out of the house due to the fire but is unable to.

Silver and his men hide in the barn while the Spanish soldiers set the place on fire. A rider rides toward the barn with a torch but is shot down by one of Julius’ men. While rushing through the gates, Silver orders his men to rush out of the barn and the two groups successfully repel the remaining Spanish solders. Flint returns to the house to see it on fire and Eleanor on the floor. She informs Flint that she tried to save Madi as she dies in his arms. Flint makes his way back to the camp and informs Silver of Madi’s death. With very few men left and the Spanish invasion in full force, they decide to flee to the Walrus and escape the island. With the idea of regrouping back on the Maroon Island, Max convinces Rackham to head North instead to Eleanor’s grandfather. Flint sees their departure as abandonment and sails to the Maroon Island only to find a larger amount of ex-slaves and pirates from all over the Caribbean ready to fight alongside Silver and Flint.

The revolution that Flint had promised the Maroon Queen has begun. Pirates from all over the Caribbean have arrived at the sound of Nassau falling. The Spanish invasion was swift and devastating with Flint and Silver completely unprepared for their numbers. With little options left, they are forced to leave and regroup but now with larger numbers. Rogers felt Spain’s wrath hard when he found Eleanor’s body. Regret was on his face since first landing with Spain on Nassau, seeing the carnage he unleashed to rid piracy. He’s paid a big price at his wife’s death. Max is devastated by Eleanor’s death and Anne Bonny being beaten to near death that now she seeks revenge against Rogers and thinks the Guthrie’s can provide support. It’s unknown if the Guthries even care about Eleanor since Richard Guthrie’s tainting of the family name. Flint and Silver now have the numbers to attempt to reclaim Nassau, and a surprise attack from an unsuspecting ally may be what tilts the war back in the pirates favor. Only 4 episodes remain until the dramatic conclusion, and Black Sails is setting the tone to a explosive finale.

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