GDC 2017: Pico Interactive brings Untethered VR with the Pico Neo CV

GDC has come and gone. Without a doubt, some of the hottest things all over the showroom floor were all the various virtual reality headsets. I have test-run countless VR headsets including well-known ones like the Oculus, Vive, PSVR, and one thing that they all have in common is the tethering to the computer or console.

When I heard about a VR headset that was completely wireless, I just had to make sure I personally gave it a test run. The demo I was able to play was a simple obstacle course in VR (think every spy movie you have seen with a laser grid and you have the idea). Sadly I wasn’t able to clear the 3rd stage of the demo due to my inability to perform a leaping dodge roll floor against spikes and buzzsaw blades in our environment on the showroom floor.

Here are a few of the specs on the VR Headset:

  • Two 1.5k at 90Hz VR displays for high picture quality and clear resolution.
  • Six degrees of freedom for a deeply immersive VR experience
  • True untethered portability, for viewing 360-degree videos and gaming on the go
  • Built in Hi-Fi Speaker with the world best AM3D 3D spatial rendering engine.
  • A stylish and comfortable ergonomic AIO VR headset design.
  • Battery life of about 2.5-3 hours per charge.

The team at Pico also has a headset in development with tracking kit and controllers that will be used with PCs for a more engaging experience. Although my demo at GDC was short, it was very fun and gave a new level of freedom when playing in VR thanks to the lack of cables and amount of freedom given to the player. While speaking to the team they specified that the Pico Neo CV concept and design are consumer/customer first so that they can appeal to a broader audience.

They are currently working with over 100 developers for games that will be in their own marketplace similar to the Daydream marketplace. While they aren’t quite ready to announce a release date or price point, they did mention that it will be competitively priced within the mobile VR market and will available in 2017.

Make sure you check back with Nerd Reactor for more info on the Pico Neo and all the rest of your VR news.

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