Marvel’s Iron Fist gets pounded by critics for being confusing and boring

Marvel’s Iron Fist first six episodes have been screened by critics, and it’s not looking good. Many outlets have released their reviews and they have been negative, with many saying this is the first failure for Netflix and Marvel.

Susana Polo from Polygon had this to say:

“But I’m not surprised that Iron Fist isn’t a comedy. I’m surprised that it’s so bad.

And it is laughably bad.”

io9‘s James Whitbrook thought the series was a mess including how the show handled Asian cultures:

“Netflix recently made the first six episodes of Iron Fist—the final entry in its quartet of shows before the long-awaited Defenders crossover this summer—available to press, and as a whole, they’re kind of a mess—far inferior to its earlier predecessors Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. They balance a dull lead character in Finn Jones’ Danny Rand with shockingly bland fight scenes, far more boardroom business action than should ever be in a comic book show, and a mild dash of poorly-handled representation of Asian cultures.”

Carly Lane from Nerdist had issues with the show’s very slow pacing:

“If Iron Fist wasn’t the lead-in to the long-awaited Defenders crossover, it would probably be skippable (unless you’re a completionist by nature). The series does boast some strong supporting characters and striking visuals (especially in episode six, directed by RZA) but the show’s biggest flaw is that it takes way too long to get started, which may be a problem for even the most dedicated of binge-watchers. It would have been more of a thrill to see Iron Fist fully realized on Netflix if its “slow burn” had ever caught fire; sadly, what it offers is the equivalent of struggling to strike a match.”

The Verge‘s Kwame Opam also thought the show was boring while also being bad at representing diversity:

“The end result is more often a boring, confused, and offensive mess of a series, one that’s as bad at diversity as it is telling a story that superhero fans will enjoy. It lacks the impact it so desperately needed after the successes of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. And that’s a shame. Fans feared the worst when the series was announced, and all their fears came true.”

Akhil Arora from NDTV Gadgets360 mentioned that it should have included Asian-Americans in the crew for a richer story:

“Well, having seen the show, it’s safe to say that Iron Fist barely does anything to bring the character into the 21st century. It fails to engage on any level, and brings nothing new to the superhero genre, that’s been recently populated with the likes of The Lego Batman Movie, Legion, and Logan. Iron Fist would have massively benefited from retooling the character’s journey, and having Asian-American people on not just its cast, but its crew. That’s what made Luke Cage so rich, because it directly involved the people who understood their culture.

But as it stands now, Marvel’s Iron Fist is not just the worst of the Marvel-Netflix lot, but an abject failure.”

Den of Geek‘s Mike Cecchini has hope that the second half of the show is going to get better.

“I kept waiting for Iron Fist to kick it into another gear, and that sixth episode aside, it never quite did. If nothing else, Marvel’s Netflix efforts have earned the benefit of the doubt, and I’m willing to believe that the next seven episodes make up for lost time. But it’s worth pointing out that both Daredevil Season 2 and Luke Cage took noticeably different turns in their second halves. Hopefully Iron Fist is just a slow burn, and the steady build that begins in episode three and blossoms in episode six continues for the rest of the series. Iron Fist might just be the unfortunate victim of the raised expectations that come with these projects.”

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