Margot Robbie to star in Robin Hood film focusing on Maid Marian

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The story of Robin Hood has been told on film in one way or another for for almost a century. Considering the dozens of interpretations, you’d think there would be nothing left to say, but apparently that’s not the case as a film titled Marian will be released in the near future with Margot Robbie playing the titular character according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This fresh take on the iconic piece of folklore will center around Maid Marian following the death of Robin Hood, the love of her life. The movie will show her become a legend herself by leading her people into a pivotal war that will not only decide the fate of the kingdom, but also see her don the mantle of the man she loved.

Shockingly, Marian is only one of several upcoming Robin Hood projects. Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx and Jamie Dornan will star in an origin story from Lionsgate which should be released in March 2018. As well, a modern day interpretation called A Burglar’s Guide to the city is in the works as a series for CBS and a futuristic take will begin shooting later this year.

Meanwhile, Sony’s Marian will be written by Pete Barry and produced by Donald De Line, Amy Pascal and Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment as well as Rock Shaink through his Romark Entertainment.

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