Awkward Conversations: Ep. 15: The one with one more drink

The Hosts of The One More Drink Podcast join us on Awkward Conversations! In this episode, Anastasia “Darth Boobs” Washington and Nathan Angry Baby join April Wahlin, Blake Schultz, Terrance Tatum, and Andres Gallego, learning way too much about geek sex lives, diners we hate to love, and more!

Awkward Conversations is a podcast about geek news, sci-fi, gaming, cult classics, movies, cosplay, and many nerd topics together. With their special guests, you can be the conversations to be super awkward, but oh so fun!

Also, you can check out the One More Drink Podcast here, as well as their other shows, Hollywood Already Did It, and Killer Horror Cast from Outer Space!

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