80 fighters in one match?! The Tournament of Power rules laid out in Dragon Ball Super

The third and final match of the Zen Exhibition match in Dragon Ball Super has concluded with Goku as the winner. However, an opportunity to save all the universes presented itself and has faltered. Bergamo, the third member of the Trio De Danger, requested that Zen-oh rescind the rule to erase the losing universe if he defeats Goku and build him up as an enemy of all universes. Seeing as Goku wanted the tournament, he put each universe in danger with the tournament.

Afterwards, Grand Priest began to lay out the rules:

  • Winning a match requires to knock your opponent off the fighting stage. If they are knocked out, they need to be thrown off the stage.
  • No weapons allowed except those that are techniques, like ki blasts.
  • Killing an opponent is forbidden (strange seeing as all life is at stake).
  • Flying and flying techniques are nullified keeping each fighter grounded.
  • Time limit is 100 taks, or 48 Earth minutes.

When Whis questioned whether 48 minutes per match will take a long time, seeing as there are 80 fighters in the Tournament of Power, Grand Priest claimed that each warrior is going to try to knock each other off in one match, meaning the Tournament of Power is one giant battle royal with 80 opponents! During the time limit, the team with the most members left will win the tournament. If only one person stands before time runs out, that team wins the tournament.

Now this is something that hasn’t really been seen in Dragon Ball except when fighting an enemy in groups, or maybe the Cell Games. But a battle royal tournament with 80 of the top warriors among 8 universes?! That’s going to be an insane tournament and now that Bergamo has painted Goku as an enemy of all universes, he will be the top target once the Tournament of Power begins. And of course Goku welcomes the challenge in front of all the other Kaioshins/Surpreme Kais and Gods of Destruction. The tournament will be starting soon and we’ll see how Universe 7’s top 10 warriors will do against 70 opponents!

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