Doug Bowser hands CND first Switch at Nintendo NY

After all the hype leading up to Captain Nintendo Dude (CND) presumably receiving the first Switch and a handshake from Reggie Fils-Aimé at the Nintendo NY store during the midnight launch, it turns out Reggie was in another castle.

On both the Nintendo of America and Nintendo NY Twitter accounts, CND is shown receiving his Switch from the ironically-named Doug Bowser, VP of sales and marketing at Nintendo.

Ouch. Reggie’s presence at the first console purchase is seen as a special tradition by most Nintendo fans, and CND himself expressed how much he looked forward to the midnight meeting while making his video logs.

At least, Mario was there to join CND and Bowser.

Followers were also disappointed to see CND’s YouTube livestream die just before the purchase, although he did manage to record a lengthy livestream earlier while standing in line.

Despite the lack of Reggie, CND did great work over the past month with veteran Triforce Johnson, who mentored him through the process of queuing in line across the store. The duo waited an entire month in the cold New York City streets, braving rain and snow, and only taking breaks in the initial stages because of city rules.

Still, it would have been nice to tell people 10 years later, “I got the first Switch during the midnight launch at the official Nintendo store, and Reggie was there to give me a handshake in front of everyone.”

Instead, CND will just need to live with the first Switch from Nintendo NY, the increased exposure he created for his social media channels and the invite to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) he received in a recent episode.

All signs point to CND’s career as a YouTuber on the upswing.

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