The many faces of betrayal – Black Sails XXXIII recap and review

Last week, Captain Flint made a risky decision that potentially allowed the pirates to gain Nassau but in exchange for the remaining cash of the Spanish Gold from the Urca de Lima. Its importance to Eleanor provides a means for Woodes Rogers to pay his debts and return the stolen gold back to Spain. This decision isn’t without repercussions seeing as Flint made the decision himself without the counsel of anyone else and puts John Silver in a bad spot. Not only that, but once the other pirates become aware that their gold is no longer in their possession, it could lead to an uprising of its own. We are half way through the final season and Black Sails XXXIII shows that no one is safe from betrayal with so much gold at stake.

With John Silver in a dilemma on how to proceed due to the deal Flint agreed with Eleanor, he’s forced to comply knowing that Flint will be killed if they do not. Silver didn’t agree with the deal, but now that Flint forced his hand, Silver now has to deal with the consequences of his betrayal. Part of the deal allowed a messenger to go to Rogers’ ship and deliver the message of Eleanor’s plan. Once Rogers receives the news of the plan, he presses on to the point of being fired on by Eleanor before eventually turning away. Billy is upset at the news seeing that his men and everyone he knew who fought alongside Flint had sacrificed so much for the gold, the men would become unruly at the news. He pushes hard to convince Silver not to proceed with the deal and betray Flint knowing that once the gold arrives on the island, they will have to answer directly to the people of the island.

Silver is torn on his decision on what to do knowing that either decision will not have an easy outcome. Proceed with the deal and gain Nassau and the British will leave the island but have no funds to properly run it. Betray the deal which will end with Flint being killed and the war continuing that they feel they may not be able to win. Madi provides words of encouragement to Silver but also guidance to remove Billy instead of Flint seeing as the damage he’s caused to the slave communities. The uprising of the slaves will become a problem, but with Billy dead it could help tender the alliance they once had. Israel Hands notices Silvers torn on his decision but tells him to just do it. It doesn’t matter which direction he goes as long as he decides and sticks with it. He will be followed no matter what path he takes.

Rogers was instructed to sail to Port Royal but has instead headed to Havana. Seeing as he feels Britain will no longer support his war against piracy, he seeks the aid of Spain instead. Once in Havana, he seeks the counsel of Governor Raja despite their countries being at war. Rogers claims no stake in their war but instead this war is on piracy and gives them the head of Edward Teach. Once he meets with Governor Raja, he pleads with the Governor to help him reclaim Nassau by warning him of the impeding threat of the pirates that would eventually come to Cuba. Raja sees risk with his men fighting alongside the British and avoid confusion, but Rogers says to avoid the fort where all his men are and burn the island to the ground.

With the gold in sight, Flint and Eleanor proceed to meet it while Silver has agreed to allow Billy to ambush and kill Flint. As Billy and his men wait for Flint to arrives, Flint and Eleanor exit the fort through tunnels and meet with Madi. Billy waits for Flint to exit the tunnel but is instead warned by another pirate of the betrayal and that he was supposed to kill Billy. He instead disagrees with Silver’s decision and is killed by Hands. Billy is then easily taken down by Hands but Silver stops him just before delivering the final blow. Eleanor, Flint and Madi head toward the ship arriving with the gold but instead notice it to be a crew of pirates. Flint proceeds to the group and sees Jack Rackham having escaped Rogers. Flint informs him of the deal but Rackham counters to Rogers’ ambition and pride. Despite having sailed away, Rackham warns of his return and the impeding battle to come as Spanish ships are seen sailing toward Nassau Harbor.

Betrayal is an ugly emotion no matter the intentions. First Flint betrays Silver and his men while forcing him in a tough spot. Eleanor betrays Rogers by allowing Nassau to be overtaken by the pirates in exchange for the gold and safe passage. Billy intends on betraying Flint seeing the trouble he has put everyone through and his motives always coming first while everyone pays for his cause. And lastly Silver betrays Billy instead due to his earlier betrayal that led to the dissolved alliance with the slave community. The position Nassau is currently in is grave. With Spain now invading Nassau, the pirates are easily outnumbered and outgunned. Also, the British soldiers may not be aware of Rogers’ plan and may offer resistance even though Rogers promised there would be none. All this came from one decision made by Captain Flint, and Rogers’ determination to rid piracy from Nassau. But with Spain occupying Nassau, will Governor Raja proceed with Rogers plan or instead keep Nassau for himself?

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