Nokia 3310, my mom’s next phone

The Mobile World Congress is held yearly in some exotic European location that is also known as the birthplace of tapas (small plates meant for sharing, yet often same price as a big plate, huh). At this Barcelona, Spain conference, Nokia announced its plans to return to profitability by appealing to your phone survival instinct.

Before there were smartphones, there were, yeah you guessed it, dumb phones. If you get a chance to ask your grandpa what was the dumbest phone of them all, you will probably get 1 of 2 responses. The Motorola Razr would be one of them, but we all know that the Razr does not garner the street cred that the other ultimate choice gives you.

So the joke goes that the Nokia 3390 phone is capable of surviving a fall from the Empire State Building. The internet pretty much took it from there:

Some may laugh at the idea, but I, for one, am truly excited… for my mom. Parents don’t know how to operate touch screens, no problem here. Large defined number buttons with easily accessible speed dial to Mimi’s Cafe and Tech Support (me), no problemo. Is that old folk frustration setting in and you need to throw your phone across the room? It is not known yet what durability Nokia has planned for its revival, but if history is any indication, we could expect shark clamping survivability and a 9999 day battery life. Why yes, that’s an exaggeration but also a reflection of my excitement… for my mom.


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