Triforce Johnson enters final week of helping CND stand in line for Switch

Waiting outside in the cold New York City weather for a short period cannot be pleasant. Braving the Manhattan streets for an entire month for a Nintendo video game console sounds even more difficult.

In spite of the elements, CND, also known at Captain Nintendo Dude, is waiting first in line at Nintendo NY for the March 3 Switch launch. But, that was not his intention. CND simply wanted to be among the top people on launch day and contacted Triforce Johnson, a veteran at standing first in line for Nintendo consoles and games, for advice.

Rather than simply giving CND a few tips, Johnson revealed he was done with being the first one to pick up a new Nintendo console, and offered to let CND take up the torch by mentoring him on a daily basis.

Thus, the dynamic duo began their journey on Feb. 3.

Why is Triforce Johnson doing this?

“When I did the Wii U launch, I made the announcement that’s going to be it. I’m not going to do it anymore,” Johnson explained in CND’s Day 3 video. “I’m retiring, as I’m too old. I have other things I have to do.”

The two Nintendo loyalists were not able to initially stay outside the Nintendo store 24/7 though because of laws preventing them from camping out. In fact, they discovered hanging out on the same block as Nintendo NY was not allowed either. Both of them moved across the street to set up their de facto camp with a single chair.

Nevertheless, the two of them have experienced a lifetime of good memories as they wait for the Switch. Since the line officially starts this week, CND and Triforce Johnson are now making their presence known at all hours by taking turns. Recent videos show Johnson with the night shift, as CND comes as early as 5:30 a.m. for his turn.

As he continues to stand in line, Triforce Johnson offered a few original comments through email. When asked if he looked forward to not waiting in line and making daily video logs, he made it clear the videos would keep coming.

“I’m so used to the wait, it’s neither here or there. It will eventually come to an end,” Johnson replied. “As for daily videos not being done anymore, who told you that it would stop once the launch is over?”

During the past month, his own 3DS actually broke while arriving to the spot with CND across the street. Three different people decided to buy him a new one. Was he surprised by their kindness?

“The kindness of strangers does not surprise me. Just as there is evil in the world ‘just because,’ there is an equal good in the world ‘just because,’ he wrote. “What does surprise me is that Steven gave me his collector’s golden Majora’s Mask Nintendo 3DS. I’m still dumbfounded that he did that. I will value the gift like no other.”

The first person to buy a Switch at Nintendo NY will meet Reggie Fils-Aimé, the president and COO of Nintendo of America. Of course, Johnson has been through the experience of meeting him before.

“Meeting Reggie is like meeting an old school gamer. He can relate to the culture and community of gaming, but at the same time matured to know when the time for playing is over and the time for getting business done begins,” Johnson told. “The best thing to ever happen to Nintendo of America was them hiring Reggie.”

“As for his handshake, yeah he has a man’s grip so don’t go to him with that weak handshake.”

The Nintendo Switch releases on March 3.

In addition, gamers can find Triforce Johnson on Twitter at this link, as well as CND by clicking here.

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