The Tournament of Power’s true purpose revealed in Dragon Ball Super

A few weeks ago with the announcement of the next story arc in Dragon Ball Super, fans were shocked to hear that in the upcoming Tournament of Power, the losing members of the tournament would result in their universe being erased from existence. Since then, we’ve only been able to speculate how the tournament would proceed and if Universe 7 (the universe where Dragon Ball takes place) is at risk. Although the Tournament of Power hasn’t started yet, we’ve received some more details from the Grand Priest.

Currently, an exhibition match is taking place between Universe 7 & 9 with their 3 best warriors. Goku, Gohan and Majin Buu are competing against a trio of deadly martial art wolves known as the Trio De Danger. Majin Buu has become victorious in the first match and Gohan technically won his, but since he succumbed to a poison during the match, fell at the end and was declared a draw. Before the start of Goku’s match against the final member of the Trio De Danger, Grand Priest made an announcement.

Grand Priest declares that Zen-oh has always felt there are too many universes and the Tournament of Power would declare whom to be erased. Since he has evaluated the Universes by strength, Universe 7 is the second weakest of the 12 universes with an average power level of 3.18, with Universe 9 being the lowest. Universe 1, 12, 5, and 8 are exempt from entering since their average is above 7. Whis feels this announcement confirms that since the lower universes were being erased anyways, the Tournament of Power will allow one Universe to prove themselves worthy and remain with the other 4. This announcement clears up that there won’t be a sole universe, but in fact 5 remaining out of the 12 universes, as well as also confirms that only 8 will be entering.

Seeing as Universe 7 is second to last when it comes to power levels, each opponent after the exhibition match could be much stronger than Goku and the Z Warriors have faced so far. But who knows how the power levels average were determined, seeing as it’s an average of all beings in each universe. Despite Goku and Vegeta reaching god-like power levels, we’ll see soon if it’s enough to save Universe 7!

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