Mass Effect: Andromeda will have full nudity

Hold on to your hats and glasses, because this here’s gonna be the wildest ride in the cosmos! Yes, sir! If you thought the partial nudity from the Mass Effect series was something to turn your nose at, well you’re about to get the full monty this time around. Aaryn Flynn, Bioware’s general manager, even posted this on Twitter to make sure that everyone was aware and not suddenly “caught with their pants down.”

Some fans thought this was a joke and stated that it could be softcore, however, Aaryn Flynn takes his job seriously and stated that he, in fact, was not joking. Personally speaking, not only is this awesome, but it already pushes the envelope for the game series that was held aloft until the terrible ending that was given to all its fans. It looks like Mass Effect: Andromeda will not only be a deep storyline with many dialogue choices for the player, but it will also contain lots of visual sexy time for the mature adult players. They should just change the name to Mass Erect just to save everyone the trouble. Time to pre-order!

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