Joe Carnahan to write the ‘X-Force’ screenplay for Fox

If you think you’ve been Joe Carnahan’s name in the news a lot recently then you are correct. I don’t know how he’s doing it but Carnahan is writing and developing a plethora of high-profile projects right now. He’s currently deep in pre-production on Bad Boys for Life, he’s developing The Raid reimagining with Frank Grillo, and he’s writing the script for Shawn Levy’s Uncharted video game adaptation. Now, he has another high-profile project to work on in his ever-growing stockpile.

Collider is reporting that Carnahan is writing the script for Fox’s long-in-development X-Force film. Fox may have found their groove developing R-rated superhero films, so it comes as no surprise that they would hire Carnahan as X-Force‘s screenwriter. Carnahan has a long list of action-oriented R-rated films that spans a wide spectrum. Let us not forget that Fox enlisted Joe Carnahan to develop a hard-R Daredevil film before the rights eventually reverted back to Marvel. Looks like Carnahan’s hard-R tone fits in with Fox’s adult-oriented comic book films now.

Collider also noted that should Fox like the script, and Carnahan has time in his busy schedule, he may be approached to direct the film. However, that is a big if consider how many projects Carnahan has on his plate.

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