Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura is honored in latest short from DUST

Of all the icons in Sci-fi television, there are very few that stand out as much as actress Nichelle Nichols and her portrayal of Lieutenant Nyota Uhura of Star Trek‘s Starship Enterprise. Not only was she an exceptional actress, but her role created hope for a bigger and brighter future for African Americans. The incredible YouTube channel, DUST, has created a five-part series on to honor such people in Afrofuturism, and in part two, they take a closer look at what Lieutenant Uhura achieved in a time of strife and racial tension.

Narrated by rapper Little Simz, the short details how, during a time when our country was at a breaking point, one woman on a small Sc-fi TV show created a ray of hope in the possibility of a future that looks beyond race. This role was so substantial that she held the support of many people, including the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Check out the short below!

Source: YouTube

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