Eleanore’s desperate deal – Black Sails XXXII recap and review

Nassau has had a rough history. With the arrival of Woodes Rogers, it slowly tipped back to civilization, becoming a peaceful island. Captain Flint has fought long and hard, and he won’t let Nassau be taken. The balance of power in the war has shifted in two directions with both sides dealing heavy blows from one another. Rogers has captured and executed Edward Teach while Flint has finally regained control of Nassau. Captain Berringer had underestimated Long John Silver and his crew and has met his demise at the hands of Israel Hands. Now the two sides are heading back into each others paths with their own victory above them without knowing of the stunning defeat they’ve been dealt. Black Sails XXXII gives us the aftermath of war and each side’s will to be victorious.

As the town of Nassau is in a state of disarray, Eleanore Guthrie barely manages to escape the chaos and find safety in the fort. With few men and most of the townspeople safely in the fort, Eleanore commands that there will not be a counterattack and to wait until Rogers returns to be able to aid him. John Silver and Captain Flint slowly put together the pieces of some stable authority but still demand for Billy for his betrayal. When he does arrive, he claims to have been continuing raids for resources and has not been avoiding Silver nor Flint. Due to his actions and fractured alliance with the slave community, Flint orders Billy and his men to take Madi to the remaining slave communities to mend what remains of their agreement with a stern warning from Silver. At sea, Rogers’ men see a ship leaving Nassau and intercept it. Rogers is then informed of the uprising in Nassau and that Eleanore is still on the island. He orders a few men to transport the 42 captured pirates to Port Royal and takes the Spanish Man of War back to Nassau. The men left to transport are upset and take it out on the imprisoned pirates.

Billy brings up the trade regarding Max and the exchange for 20 men. Knowing how valuable she is to Eleanore, he tries to convince Silver not to give her up so easily. Rather than give her up, Billy wants Max to instead face justice in front of the pirates for her actions since he knows that it was Max who prevented Flint and Silver from getting the message about the trap in the harbor. Silver decides against Billy and allows the exchange to proceed. The crew in charge of taking the imprisoned pirates back to Port Royal begin to kill them one by one, hand picked by Jack Rackham. Anne Bonny tells Rackham that each man that was able to stand up to them are now dead and that she needs to do something before they are all killed. Rackham reluctantly agrees and Bonny is severely beaten. In a last ditch effort, she grabs to pieces of glass and stabs two of the soldiers and throws the keys to the prisoners. As they escape, they overwhelm the soldiers and secure their freedom while Rackham tends to Bonny who is an inch from death.

Madi meets with some members of the slave community. Trying to mend things, the slaves refuse to cooperate knowing that Billy is among their crew. She tried to reason with them and claims the actions are only Billy’s but is then informed that some of the slaves are revolting themselves and forming together to fight against the pirates and any slave allied with them. As the Spanish Man of War nears Nassau, Silver and Flint spot the ship but are unable to tell if Rogers or Teach is sailing the ship. Eleanor and the remaining soldiers spot the ship and eventually see the British flag and confirm that Rogers is sailing the Spanish Man of War. As both sides prepare for Rogers’ return, Billy claims that his men can defend the beach from Rogers. Flint receives a note summoning him and Silver to a back entrance of the fort. Upon arriving to meet with Eleanore, she offers a deal to Flint, one that would give Flint and the pirates Nassau, the fort, their imprisoned men and resources in exchange for safety from the fort and the remaining cash from the Urca de Lima gold. Although Flint appears to disagree seeing as they are partners involved with the gold, he enters the fort unarmed and agrees with the deal against Silver’s wishes.

Silver can only watch and silently agree with Flint’s decision, but at what cost? The gold that has been sought out by many has been in their eyes since the beginning. Now that it’s in play again, Flint can buy their victory though Silver disagrees with this decision. Without the gold, it’s possible that their control of Nassau will be short-lived seeing as they will have no funds to support it. And the many parties involved with the gold and its acquisition will be upset knowing that what they fought for is now gone. This could allow for other parties to revolt against Flint, seeing as he won’t be able to sustain the island. And the uprising of the slave community will put Flint’s control for Nassau in jeopardy.

Flint is heading into dangerous waters with his deal with Eleanore. Surely there could be other motives to Eleanore’s deal, maybe as a means to capture Flint rather than give up Nassau. Flint and Eleanore have a long history together, so this could be their only way to avoid bloodshed. Although the decision has been made, we have yet seen who agrees with it.

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