Logan expected to have post-credits scene

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There are some bad news, some good news and some even more good news about the upcoming Logan. The bad news is that it’ll be Hugh Jackman’s last time playing the ferocious Canadian mutant. The good news is that early reviews of the movie are glowing. (Check out our reviews here and here.) The ‘even more good news’ about the film that’s just come out is that there will, indeed, be an additional scene, or stinger, after the credits roll.

It didn’t look like the film would have this extra scene like virtually all Marvel films do today. The movie has already been screened for critics and hasn’t included any mid-credits or post-credits scene, but over the past few days, rumors have spread about the addition of such a scene. Now, Collider has confirmed that there will be additional footage.

“Forget about the rumors,” says Collider’s Steve Weintraub. “I can confirm it’s true. When Logan is released on March 3rd it’ll have a post-credits scene. I’m not sure if it’s half way through the credits or at the very end, but I can 100% tell you something will be there.”

If the movie is as good as people are saying, extra footage will be a welcome treat. Hopefully, it’ll serve to give Jackman the sendoff he deserves.

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