Evanna Lynch talks with The Leaky Cauldron about My Name is Emily, Harry Potter

Actress Evanna Lynch, who played the weird Luna Lovegood in the final four Harry Potter movies, recently spoke to The Leaky Cauldron about her new film My Name is Emily, Harry Potter and more.

My Name is Emily is currently out in U.S. theaters, but also releases on iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo on February 24th.

As Lynch explained on Instagram a few weeks ago, she is trying to cut down on attending Potter-related conventions for now. But thankfully, she is still willing to discuss her famous past role with media outlets.

Lynch explained to Leaky the differences between working an indie film and the mega-hit Harry Potter:

“There’s a lot of pros and cons for both, in Indies you have a lot more responsibility on you. Franchises have such a huge team, and so many people waiting on you to help you get it right, and help you if you need anything.”

“Even just down to the costumes – there’s so many people who see them and have to approve of them, so when you see it on screen it doesn’t feel so much like you because it’s had so much behind it, whereas on Indies you see the finished product and think ‘There’s definitely more of my portrayal that’s remained in there.’”

Also, she commented on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood:

“The Orlando one is bigger and slightly better, but it was great living in LA for the past year and having it just down the road, around a 10 to 15 minute drive away. I was bringing my friends there all the time – maybe abusing my privileges a little!”

On an interesting note, the middle of this interview reveals Lynch worked as a private yoga instructor for a while. Imagine a Harry Potter-fan searching for a yoga instructor and getting to work with Luna Lovegood.

She does seem eager to move on though from the convention appearances, and focus on challenging roles with other characters. At the same time, Lynch is not done with weird characters either:

“It’s hard to say as an actor, but I just want to keep doing things that are different and weird to me. I just tend to like weird characters, I like taking on people who see the world differently or who make me push myself. I can generally only take characters on who I look up to, who I respect, who have strong views.”

Lynch’s beauty is underrated and she arguably deserved more screen time in the Harry Potter series. Hopefully, she continues on the right path and finds continued success in life and the acting world.

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