DICE and EA announce new Frontlines mode coming to Battlefield 1

About 2 months ago, both EA and DICE teased their first upcoming post-launch DLC for Battlefield 1 called “They Shall Not Pass.” At that time, the only thing we were expecting to see in the DLC was a new French faction, new maps, new weapons, new vehicles and a new behemoth. Looks like that isn’t the only thing we’re getting, as they’ve just decided to throw in a brand-new game type as well.

That new mode is called Frontlines, and it looks to add a new dynamic to the game. In this new mode, which you can see in the video below, it literally is a combination of both Conquest and Rush. Teams battle in a sort of tug-of-war for one control point at a time. Once one team has pushed their opponents back to their base, there’s 2 objectives that must be armed and destroyed in order to win the match.

I think this new game mode is going to add just the right spice to what is already a great title. I’ll be honest and say that after playing the game for quite a while, the current run of modes do start to feel a bit monotonous. Hopefully that will all change once “They Shall Not Pass” releases in March. Check it out for yourself below.


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