Best Buy makes room for Nintendo Switch

Eager fans who cannot get enough of the upcoming Switch console from Nintendo might want to check out their local Best Buy to see if the Switch section is on display. For instance, at the Dublin Best Buy in California, there is a large monitor along with a touchscreen underneath showing off various Switch promotional videos.

Of course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the flagship title upon the March 3 launch, and Nintendo offers a video in this nifty kiosk to tide fans over until the release date.


Other games are on display too.


Also, there are videos explaining the console’s features itself, as Nintendo will need to sell people on why the Switch is a unique and exciting idea worthy of $299.99 (plus the cost of at least one game).

What’s in the box? Hopefully, a magical Nintendo experience.

Those hoping for a Switch on the launch date should check their local Best Buy or GameStop to see if waiting at midnight is worth the effort. Alternatively, gamers could wait a few weeks and see how buyers like their console.

March 3rd is not far away.

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