Rumor: A hand to be lost in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Losing body parts is nothing new in the Star Wars series, especially for a hero character. Luke Skywalker famously had one of his hands cut off in The Empire Strikes Back as the truth about his relation to Darth Vader was revealed. In the prequels, Anakin Skywalker lost one hand in Attack of the Clones while dueling with Count Dooku.

If Rey (possibly Rey Skywalker) loses a part of her arm in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, most longtime fans will not be too surprised. Others may doubt such an occurrence because Disney, a family-friendly company, purchased Lucasfilm and one could reasonably think the company would balk at such a horrible fate for their new face of Star Wars.

Nevertheless, here is an excerpt below from a Movie Pilot article, which quotes YouTuber Mike Zeroh “who is in contact with several Star Wars set spies, locals who live near Cork, Ireland.”

According to the article, Zeroh revealed his contact “saw Daisy Ridley on set… what he caught on her left arm was that it was actually covered by a green screen sleeve.”

The green screen sleeve would hint at Rey’s loss of hand or arm, because producers can simply fill in the space with mechanical parts.

With such tight security around the filming area, how did Zeroh’s source view the green screen sleeve?

“The contact in question used powerful binoculars to get around the no-fly zone imposed over the Star Wars set.”

Take this for what it is – a rumor.

Disney is hands off for the most part when it comes to Star Wars. Executives even let Rogue One: A Star Wars Story end in a dark manner with (spoilers) all the main characters dying. But Disney is a “blue ocean” company that caters to everyone, so do not expect Rey in a Princess Leia slave outfit or anything else too crazy.

As for Rey following in the footsteps of Luke and Anakin by losing a hand, it could happen. Alternatively, one of the other main characters might lose a body part to continue the tradition, rather than the main hero.

Perhaps Luke Skywalker himself loses another limb.

The answer will come when Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in December. Also, expect the first trailer to release in April around the time of the next Star Wars Celebration in Florida.

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