Deformers tech test impressions

Deformers is a new game from the team at Ready At Dawn. While the game is still in Alpha it provides a great experience. Deformers is a competitive physics arena fighter in which players battle it out in various game modes as adorable creatures called Forms. Forms can be customized to look like any creature and given their own style.

So far in the Alpha the available modes are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Formball. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are exactly what they sound like. The point in each of those modes is to defeat the enemy player by either knocking them off the map or eliminating them by shooting them with tiny bits called Tribs. By destroying other players’ Forms, you gain Gibs which restore your health.

The secondary game mode called Form Ball is best described as a game of soccer using the Forms. It’s similar to the ever-popular Rocket League in terms of gameplay yet manages to have the right amount of nuance to feel like its own game.

Each game mode is a fun exploration of the game’s physics simulator and allows hours of wacky gameplay. However, this is still only in Alpha and is due to release in March and because of this the matchmaking isn’t up to par yet. To remedy this Ready At Dawn has opened its own discord server to allow players to meet and play with one another that way. Overall Deformers looks incredibly promising and I look forward to the game’s full release March 31st.

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