GDC 2017 panels announced: Breath of the Wild, Rogue One, and No Man’s Sky

This year’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco will showcase a large number of game developers big and small along with the technology used to make their games. A few panels were just announced for the show and they may catch the interest of a lot of current and future developers.

Nintendo being at GDC comes as a surprise to all of us as three key members of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be hosting a panel discussing the game’s franchise-unique elements and how developing on the Nintendo Switch shook up the game’s development. These members include the director Hidemaro Fujibayash, art director Satoru Takizawa, and technical director Takuhiro Dohta.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story had the appearance of a character from A New Hope. When you saw him, you probably thought “Didn’t that actor die?” Well, you can see how ILMxLab’s John Knoll and Roger Cordes brought Grand Moff Tarkin back to life in the latest Star Wars flick using groundbreaking motion capture and CGI technology.

Despite its critical reception, No Man’s Sky undeniably used some impressive tech during its development. Who better to bring out than the game’s co-director and voice of Hello Games Sean Murray to discuss how they created such a vast universe? This will be Murray’s first public appearance since the launch of the game, so it’s best not to miss out!

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