Snipe like you mean it in Sniper Elite 4 launch trailer

Coming this Valentine’s Day is another way to find the heart of someone you have been eyeing, only they may not be able to reciprocate after you take your shot. You play the role of an elite sniper sent ahead of U.S. forces during World War II to help and ensure an Allied victory. It’s up to covert agent Karl Fairburne to help the Italian resistance in toppling the Nazi infrastructure that has taken root inside of Italy. If he fails on his mission, it would lead to no D-Day landings, Operation overlord, or an overall victory in Europe.

On top of the single-player campaign is the fully playable 2 player co-op, multiple PvP modes, and a 4 player co-op horde type mode. I spent quite a bit of time in each of these modes during a preview event and I must say I enjoyed each and every second as I pulled the trigger at my unsuspecting targets. The freedom of sniping across the Mediterranean coastal towns and other gorgeous landscapes is a joy with lots of options for taking down the Nazi empire.

My time in multiplayer was split between typical deathmatch as well as one mode that has both teams vying for control of various radios that change location after each capture. The final mode is a 4-player co-op horde mode that has your team trying to survive multiple waves like other horde modes in various shooters. As the waves progress so do the enemy tactics including the use of vehicles.

Sniper Elite 4 releases February 14, 2017, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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